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Bankruptcy Attorneys with Over 70 Years of Experience

Rosenberg & Weinberg is a North Andover, Massachusetts bankruptcy law firm that has inherited the Rosenberg family’s 70-plus year commitment to helping individuals and companies work out their financial problems both in and out of bankruptcy. By specializing in bankruptcy law, our bankruptcy attorneys are able to provide creditors and debtors with sophisticated bankruptcy help and representation equal, if not superior, to firms many times our size in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Utilizing the latest technology, our bankruptcy attorneys are able to act quicker than ever before, filing Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions or other bankruptcy pleadings to stop home foreclosures or the shutdown of a business within hours of the initial call. Above all else, we seek to continue the Rosenberg family’s holistic approach of considering both financial and social costs, as well as legal benefits, to ensure we get the best possible results. Located in North Andover, MA, we serve Andover, MA and all surrounding areas.

Delivering Debt Relief and Peace of Mind for Debtors

A large part of our practice is helping individuals and families deal with debt and get a fresh start under Chapter 7 or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. We help people overwhelmed with  credit card and mortgage debt, especially in the aftermath of  COVID restrictions, and we have been extremely successful in reducing if not eliminating credit card debt while also dealing with seemingly impossible mortgage arrears by using  bankruptcy to get five years to pay mortgage arrears as well as pursue loan modifications. We also help companies reorganize out of the Bankruptcy Court, and in Chapter 11. In addition, we frequently represent the interest of landlords, leasing companies and creditors in regional and national bankruptcies. In a typical day, we may help a family save their home, assist a person selling part of a structured settlement, advise a shopping center landlord dealing with a bankrupt anchor tenant closing several stores, and defend a California company in a bankruptcy preference action. Representation of debtors is the bedrock of our firm. Frankly, we find our most satisfying work is helping people and businesses regain control of their lives. Also, our focus on representing debtors has allowed us to obtain extraordinary results for creditors, as frequently we know the debtor’s options better than the debtor’s own counsel knows them.

Obtaining Outstanding Outcomes for Creditors

Some of our most noteworthy cases have involved helping creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcies. We recently represented the city of Methuen in a large Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding and obtained a highly favorable result that warranted a front page article in the local daily newspaper. In another case, we obtained a six-figure sum for a junior lien holder despite the fact that the senior lien holder was not paid in full. Also, as part of our practice we represent creditors in non-bankruptcy litigation, collection and mortgage foreclosure matters. We find our expertise in bankruptcy is very helpful, particularly in representing creditors’ interests when debtors threaten to file bankruptcy and we believe our client will do better in Bankruptcy Court.

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Rosenberg & Weinberg is a federally designated debt relief agency helping people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We welcome the opportunity to help you and are prepared to act quickly. For bankruptcy law help in the North Andover, MA area, please call (978) 208-2501 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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