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Business Bankruptcy Lawyers

Rosenberg & Weinberg has been helping businesses deal with their financial problems both in and out of the Bankruptcy Court for decades. While our expertise lies mostly with guiding companies through bankruptcy, we view it as a last option.

Seeking the best possible results for debtors

We seek to assist companies in avoiding bankruptcy, by working out payment plans or any other type of creative financial arrangements that can help both the company and its creditors avoid the large legal fees that are inevitably incurred in a bankruptcy proceeding. If a liquidation or reorganization is needed, we will explore non-bankruptcy alternatives such as an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors or a Trust Mortgage.

When a bankruptcy is needed, we assist companies and high-worth individuals in restructuring their debts and obligations. Often this involves shedding unprofitable properties, terminating expensive leases and paying creditors a fraction of their debt over time.

Outstanding results for creditors

Despite (or because of) our orientation to assist debtors, we have been able to obtain extraordinary results for creditors. We have used our extensive knowledge of debtors options as well as bankruptcy law and procedure to show debtors protracted litigation is futile and it is in their best interest to satisfy our clients’ interests.

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Rosenberg & Weinberg is a federally designated debt relief agency and helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We welcome the opportunity to help you and are prepared to act quickly. Call (978) 208-2501 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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